Our Mission

Passion. Life. People.

Our crew is all about you! We started our business to fill a need. After hurricane Harvey we heard one story after another from our friends and family of "companies" taking peoples money and never coming back. Their homes, pools and equipment ruined from the storm, and people were taking advantage of them. That's just wasn't acceptable. We decided we would fill the need and start a pool company to help our community recover. We have helped hundreds of families get their pools back and have taken great care of them ever since! We aren't perfect. Water and environment play a big role in what kind of materials you should choose for your pool to last and not require perpetual repair. Our area has particularly hard water and it has it's own chemical load. It's important to know what you are getting into so we do our best to get you all the information!

Our experience maintaining pools has brought us to the next phase of our plan. We want to build beautiful, efficient pools that are safe, healthy and manageable. Our crews focus are functionality and longevity. We analyze every aspect of your landscape, soil and water to come up with the best materials to use that prolong the life of your pool. It's the right thing to do.

People are what matters to us. Money is great but making people happy and giving them a quality product worth their money is priceless! Making sure that the water is clean and healthy, not just clear, is integrity. Doing the right thing, having integrity and being invested in others is our mission.

Repair. Renovate. Upgrade.

When we started our company we decided to maintenance pools for two years before we started building so that we could find the best equipment, material and sizes for our area. No one can build the structure of your pool like we can. We use master craftsmen that are the best concrete, steel/form workers, electricians and plumbers in the business! The people building your pool are reputable and take great pride in their work. We make sure that seats are the right distance apart to be cleaned efficiently, a small detail that matters. Most of our tradesmen have been in business for decades. We pride ourselves in finding the best in the industry and work side by side to ensure you get a unique, functional and efficient pool.