Choose from a variety of pool features like water features, fire features and outdoor kitchens. Pool features add to the overall appeal or your backyard oasis. Make your space uniquely yours!


Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen gives you so much flexibility and enjoyment! We have studied and researched the best equipment and materials to build you a dream kitchen that will last you a lifetime. Quality products at the best price.

Make beautiful memories with the people you love. Give us a call today to show you what we can do to upgrade your space! An outdoor kitchen should be an enjoyable, easy to clean and functional place you'll love spending time in with family and friends!


Water Features

What keeps your pool in optimum health? Moving water! Water that moves and flows inhibits the growth of algae and bacteria. Water features also add a sound effect to your pool that is soothing and inviting. Water features are an integral part of swimming pool design because it can instantly transform an existing pool into a more attractive part of your property. It adds the “wow factor” to a swimming pool – whether it may be used to create a striking focal point or create a cozy ambiance. A water feature can also give a different character to your swimming pool, from a refreshing oasis, to a serene retreat, a tropical resort, a romantic escape or a kid friendly zone.

Fire Features

Fire is inviting and comforting with its unique sound. Adding a fire feature to your pool will make it even more of a destination! The superior soothing sound pool fire bowls put off can put you in a dream place white it masks the sounds of traffic and neighborhood noise. Gone are the days of  a rectangular pool dug out with a cookie-cutter installation diagram. Today, pools are part of a custom design specifically for your yard with custom shapes, landscaping, and accessories. Fire bowls for pools are simple and inspiring elements that modernize your design and create visual perfection. They're perfect for the water lovers that enjoy listening to relaxing flowing water or the fire lovers that just want to warm up a bit on a cool night.